Souler Floating is Kinda Like Painting

90-minute Souler Floating in Melbourne. Last night I made my first appointment …

… and today I floated!  I thought I had an idea of what souler floating would be like, but I learned fairly quickly…not really!!!  In many ways, it’s like starting a new painting!  It’s white, a bit intimidating, and healing…just like art!

Souler Floating

I arrived 15 minutes before my scheduled appointment and was seated in the “zen” lobby with a one-sided form to complete.  After I handed my clipboard back, I was taken to Suite 3 Green Room.

The Green Room is a fairly large square room with a shower and a floatation tank” that looks like a giant white pod.  She opens the tank lid, there is about 12 inches of water with 1200 pounds of Epsom salt added.  She goes through a short list of instructions and then shows me where the button is to turn off the light for total darkness…YIKES…this just got scary!  What if I fall asleep, roll over and drown?   I was told that yes, I may fall asleep, but she assured me I would not roll over and drown…okay, I’m feeling a little better…not!

She closes the door to the Green Room, I quickly get naked, jump in the shower and then step carefully into the tank.  The water is warm, personally, I would like it a little warmer, but I wasn’t ever cold or chilled.  I lay down, closed the lid…now what?  I hear music…what did she say about that…oh yes, I remember, I’m suppose to turn off the light before the music stops…so I did.  It’s pitch black and quiet…I’m floating.  I see nothing!

So as I lay there, I decide to meditate.  How much longer?  Should I have ear plugs on?  I didn’t see a hair blower; crap I forgot to bring a comb.  Geez, wonder how long it’s been so far?  What am I going to paint tonight?  I’m hungry.  Where’s the clock?  Whew, this is hard.  I have to quiet my mind…guess it doesn’t matter if I’m floating in Epsom salt or sitting on a meditation pillow…it’s the same…my mind will not shut-up.

Breathe, Sherri, just breathe!  After what seemed like 90 minutes (but was probably all of 60), I finally started to relax…I kind of zoned out.  I think that’s why they recommend 90 minutes for your first “souler float”, but personally, I think an hour would have been just perfect for my first!

I continued to float until the music started to play.  Thankfully, I found the button to turn the light on, slowly opened the lid and stood up.  WOW, my skin feels like velvet.  I took a shower, washed my hair…and then left the Green Room to relax with a bottle of water on a leather chaise.

It’s been 6 hours since my souler float session…and I am totally relaxed.  I’m pretty sure I’m going to sleep like a rock tonight!

Will I do it again…YES, of course!  The first time doing anything is nerve-wracking.  But next time, I’ll know what to expect…..and I’m sure I will enjoy even more of the health benefits of floating.

BTW, the benefits of “floatation” are many…check out Souler Floating and for more ways to amp up your art…check out the Calendar of Events, Classes & Workshops.



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  1. Jaci

    It sounds very relaxing ..I love your play by play and reading it helps one to realize just exacting what one does inside for the first time ..over think and finally relax….thanks for the info 🙂

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