Painting Classes Melbourne » Whitney Freya is Coming to Town

Painting Classes Melbourne

Painting Classes Melbourne » Whitney Freya is Coming to Town!

Passionate. A Love Goddess. Visionary. Peace-Maker. Artist … and so much more!


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I can’t believe Whitney Freya will be here next month! I am so excited to have her at our Melbourne Art Studio for painting classes!

I can’t remember when I started following (stalking LOL) her, but it’s been at least 3-4 years. Not sure why I resonated with her so much, but I did. I read her book “The Artist Within”…and immediately felt like kindred spirits. And then last summer I made the commitment to attend her Creative Fit Coach program at her home in Oregon.

She was everything I imagined and then some! Authentic. Real. Walks her talk. Passionate. A Love Goddess. Visionary. Peace-Maker. Artist…and so much more!

I am totally blown away that Whitney is flying across the country to share her wisdom…and guide us on a mini “Vision Quest”.

We’ll circle! We’ll paint…and paint some more! We’ll create magic! We’ll paint! We’ll gather! We’ll paint! Got it? We’ll paint a lot!

In this Vision Quest, Whitney Freya will guide you along a journey of knowing guided by imagery, symbols and the language of color. Where the canvas once was “scary,” and the fear of making a mistake or not being good enough prevailed, it is now s source of liberation. The canvas and the painting process has been allowed to shed its skin, and expand into the fullness of how it is here to serve you, as a portal into your truth as an infinitely creative being.

Or maybe you already love to paint, but have never created ARTual at the canvas, art + ritual. Painting for you is about to become a portal where you can journey into your most imaginative futures and receive insight and guidance from your Highest Self.

Painting Classes Details

On Friday Night: we will circle up and create sacred space. We will call in the elements and begin a special ARTual you will take away at the end of the weekend to create your own sacred space back at your home. In the process you will find your “arrow,” the vision that is your focus and your aim moving forward.

Saturday:, you will learn how to layer energies onto your canvas that will magnetize your next vision or dream into your reality. Whitney’s gift is in truly creating an environment where the old fears around making a mistake or doing things “wrong” are not even present. There is a level of magic and divine inspiration that is ONLY available through your creative mind. This is where we journey with color and symbol on the canvas.

On Sunday:, you will add your finishing touches and we will close in a circle of sharing and witnessing. You will leave with a personal symbol painting, a *yantra, that vibrates in perfect alignment with your intention, your “arrow” that you shot into the mystery on Friday night.

This heART inspiring weekend will set you on a path of self discovery with every stroke of the brush! Whether you are experienced or not…the magic is possible for everyone!

Don’t wait until the last minute to claim your space…and don’t let finances hold you back.

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Private message me so we can set up a payment plan that works for you.

Ganesh final

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