Memories…Oh How Sweet They Are!

We’ve all experienced the loss of a loved one…maybe a grandparent, parent, child, friend, pet or an acquaintance.

When you think about someone that has passed, what comes to mind? Do you remember stories they told you? Their favorite foods? Do you recall special things they always had in their pockets or purse? What kind of music did they like…or their favorite book or TV show? Did they have a sweater or hat they always wore? What was their favorite color?
Isn’t it comforting when you think about them?

When I hear “It’s a Wonderful World” on the radio it reminds me of my late husband, Karel.

When I see a photo of my beloved cat, Beau, straddling the living room chair…it makes me smile…he was such a character.


When someone gives me a jar of homemade jam, it reminds of my Granny and the wonderful time I spent with her in the kitchen.

When I read a quote…I always think of my Grandpa…he clipped quotes from Reader’s Digest and gave them to me…always wise words to live by!

Pennies remind me of him, too…he always saved his pennies for me…from my earliest memory until his death…Grandpa’s Pennies were for Sherri’s Pocket!!!



When I hear “You Are My Sunshine” I think of Jessica. She was a beautiful young girl that I loved spending time with…we baked cookies, got pedicures, went to the movies,  painted, and just acted silly.

I am reminded that life can sometimes be short…cherish all the moments…as often as you can…it could be your last!


These are only a few of the “loved ones” that I miss so much.


Do you have a fond memory of a loved one?

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