Celebrate Day of the Dead at Art More Place

Last year I was at an art retreat in San Miguel, Mexico during the Day of the Dead Holiday.  Our host suggested we bring with us photographs and special memorabilia of a deceased loved one…so I brought photos of my beloved Grandparents, my late husband and my favorite Siamese cat.

On November 1st, at our B&B there was a beautiful altar set up in the courtyard where we displayed our photographs, candles, incense, bottles of beer, marigolds, roses and other things that reminded us of our loved ones.  It was moving to say the least!

All the streets and windowsills were lined with marigolds and in the town square families and school children were building their own personal altars to honor their deceased loved ones.

In the evening, strolling the cobblestone streets there were women and children of all ages dressed as “Catrina” (Lady of the Dead); and there was music and entertainment going on all night.  It was a colorful celebration, like no other!

The purpose of celebrating the Day of the Dead is to make contact with the spirits of the dead, to let them know that they are not forgotten and that their loved ones on earth still care about them. It is a way of keeping the connection between loved ones alive, even though they are physically separated by death.

So this year during the month of October most of our classes and workshops will have something to do with the Day of the Dead.

October 11th:  “Creating an Altar…Honoring Your Loved One

October 18th:  “Collage, Paint, Create…Catrinas

October 25th:  “SoulCollage® and Spirit Candles

Creating an altar is one of the most important Day of the Dead customs.  On Saturday morning November 1st, we invite you (no charge) to Art More Place to build an altar to honor and celebrate your deceased loved one.  Bring pictures, memorabilia, flowers, candles, their favorite food or drinks, and anything that reminds you of them.

Later this month, we will post our complete “DOD Calendar of Events”:  Costume Contest, Face Painting, Entertainment and Classes, etc.

Be sure you SAVE THE DATE November 1st!!!

Bring your family and friends…we hope everyone will come and celebrate Day of the Dead at Art More Place!

To read more about the History, Traditions, and Culture of Day of the Dead:  http://www.celebrate-day-of-the-dead.com

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Art More PlaceCelebrate Day of the Dead at Art More Place

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