Memories…Oh How Sweet They Are!

We’ve all experienced the loss of a loved one…maybe a grandparent, parent, child, friend, pet or an acquaintance. When you think about someone that has passed, what comes to mind? Do you remember stories they told you? Their favorite foods? Do you recall special things they always had in their pockets or purse? What kind of music did they like…or … Read More

Art More PlaceMemories…Oh How Sweet They Are!

Celebrate Day of the Dead at Art More Place

Last year I was at an art retreat in San Miguel, Mexico during the Day of the Dead Holiday.  Our host suggested we bring with us photographs and special memorabilia of a deceased loved one…so I brought photos of my beloved Grandparents, my late husband and my favorite Siamese cat. On November 1st, at our B&B there was a beautiful … Read More

Art More PlaceCelebrate Day of the Dead at Art More Place