“Still Becoming” — by Cat Kerr, Guest at Art More Place, Melbourne

Cat Kerr, Still Becoming”catkerr92@gmail.com

Art More Place, Melbourne FL

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When I first moved to Florida I didn’t go out openly seeking friendship. I had my share of acquaintances, and at the time,that was all I needed. I had a list of “friendship” break ups, betrayals, and hurtful circumstances that left deep wounds, that I later realized, had converted my already introverted nature into an even more secluded individual. I had convinced myself that this quiet existence suited me,and in most cases, I was right. I’m a private person, I enjoy being alone, and I especially enjoy spending time with my family. I was perfectly happy being Wife, being Mom, full of school activities, creating art on the side and having no real relationships to cloud and dramatize my life. At the time,my only creative outlet came in the form of the internet. I found like minded creative souls that I could share my artful passions with through blogging and catch up with friends from all over the world, with out ever really having a commitment to any of them. And this worked flawlessly,…for a while. Soon I started feeling like something was missing, and after reading this quote from Amy Poehler’s Harvard Speech, it all became clear.

As you navigate through the rest of your life, be open to collaboration. Other people and other people’s ideas are often better than your own. Find a group of people who challenge and inspire you, spend time with them, and it will change your life.”

This, this right here is what I was missing. Even though the idea of “friendship” scared me, I knew I had to get out of my comfort zone and go find these people that “challenge and inspire me” and the only way I knew how,would have to be through my artists lens.

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When Sherri began the “Stitch and Salad” monthly meet up at Art More Place,there was only a handful of us, but soon, the word reached others and more began to arrive, all looking for the same thing, a sisterhood. There is something so special about this kind of gathering. What I love most about it is watching all the ladies sit back, relax, laugh, share stories, and all the while stitching away on a current project. I noticed that we all arrive as individuals, but as we gather and sit, something new is naturally created among the woman of the stitchery.



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For a short while each woman,without even knowing it, is connected to the other with an invisible thread, stitching separately but with the same purpose. Stitching while sharing lessons learned, for offering encouragement, for giving advice, and for feeling joyful in each others accomplishments. Each one learning from the other, turning the individuals that arrived,into one assembly, one body, like the pieces of fabric we sew and stitch together with our hands.

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I created these Soldered Spool pendants to represent this process of creating. Each of us with something else to offer, helping each other to learn and to grow and to find joy, and for learning to live a purpose driven life, one stitch at a time. Art does this. It brings people together. Whether it’s sewing or painting, or soldering…it brings together individuals and forms a tribe.


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Today, I might not spend as much time as I would like to at AMP (Art More Place), but that doesn’t matter. I found a sisterhood within it’s walls,bonds that can never be broken, and that can never go away. I’ve learned to let go of the past and I’ve learned that once my heart has cracked open, there is. no. closing. it. Spending time with those that challenge and inspire you, I promise, it’s a life changer.



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Cat Kerr is a Mixed Media Artist/Instructor. Her work has been featured in multiple publications such as Belle Armoire Jeweley, Somerset Studio, Apprentice and many more. She currently teaches online and at retreats around the country. To see more of her work and teaching schedule,you can visit her at www.catkerr.com

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Art More Place“Still Becoming” — by Cat Kerr, Guest at Art More Place, Melbourne

4 Comments on ““Still Becoming” — by Cat Kerr, Guest at Art More Place, Melbourne”

  1. Diva Kreszl

    Love this post!!! As an introvert myself I understand my need for few friends and alone time but I am energized by like minded women. Sherri has created a blissful environment and such a warm and welcoming space at AMP and she is such a sweet and caring woman that the studio is filled with so much love and encouragement. What you have discovered is a magical space where women connect in profound ways. Oh how I wish I lived closer, I might never leave!

  2. Jaci

    Well said friend ..beautifully written..so true….these words are what we all needed to read to confirm we all feel this way….thank you for writing and sharing your words and sentiment…. for the circle if friends and sisterhood we have found at art more place and at coffee…xx

  3. Rachelle Eason

    Beautiful, Art Sister! Your words echo my heart. Let us hope that we can bring the love and light from Art More Place out into the world and spread it through all we touch.

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