Art More Place Fosters Artistic Community For Melbourne Kids

Art More Place Fosters Artistic Community For Melbourne Kids

Owner Sherri Otcenasek has been living in Melbourne for most of her life. Having concluded a successful and long career in real estate, she sought a different kind of vocation, one that nurtured her artistic side. Opening her own studio was a great way to feed her need for creativity and still contribute to her community.

Among the extensive list of offerings, Art More Place teaches painting, mixed media, fiber arts, eco dyeing, sewing, kids’ summer art camps, mosaics, and even soldering. Otcenasek also offers yoga nidra, Qigong, and other health-oriented classes for those interested in keeping up their physical wellbeing in addition to their artistic ken.

Artistic Community For Melbourne Kids Artistic Community For Melbourne Kids Art More Why is Art More Place the “best place to create art”? Otcenasek points to the ample space at her disposal, 4000 square feet, which makes for an airy atmosphere, conducive to creating and crafting. Another important aspect of the studio is that it readily accepts students of all skill levels, cultivating the belief that every person is born a natural artist. Coaxing that artist out of every student is the job of the many talented art teachers at the studio. Otcenasek brings in well-known local and international artists and instructors to teach the workshops.

Offering a wide variety of art classes and various arts and crafts workshops, Art More Place also dabbles in organizing larger community events like “Sit and Stitch Salad,” Day of the Dead Celebration, and their Holiday Art Market.

The Kids Summer Art Camp offered through Art More Place is one of their most popular programs. The guided painting, collage and drawing are just some of the activities that have garnered praise from participants and their parents. There are also guided paint parties for adults, Otcenasek adds. “People come after work, have a glass of wine and get totally out of their left brain for 2.5 hours. It’s a stress free evening,” she says. Students know the value of being creative, and so Otcenasek strives to offer classes that people are really engaged and interested in.

For more serious young artists, there is a separate camp which opens them up to acrylic, watercolor, charcoal, perspective as well as how to market their work. The art camp hones their artistic skills while allowing them to learn of a wide array of other painting and drawing methods. “I’m always adding new classes and new artists to the schedule,” Otcenasek underlines in her effort to keep the programming fresh and current. She recommends to people to visit the website and subscribe to the calendar to receive announcements and updates from the studio.

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Art More PlaceArt More Place Fosters Artistic Community For Melbourne Kids

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