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Last weekend at Art More Place Melbourne, Whitney Freya, Creative Visionary, Spiritual Teacher, Artist, and Author facilitated “Vision Quest“.

Art More Place Melbourne

At Art More Place Melbourne, it began on Friday night, 17 artists gathered in circle to paint, share stories, and to discover their inner artist.

When women gather…magic happens, especially at Art More Place!  Art More Place Melbourne


Whitney explains that “Vision Quest” will accelerate your life’s journey to your soul’s highest vision for your life.  It will open your intuitive, infinite mind so you can receive your soul’s guidance.

As women we thrive in a creative environment, but most of us live in a “left-brain” world…how boring is that!!!  “Vision Quest” opens the door to the right-brain…the fun and juicy side.

On our blank white and very intimidating 24″x24″ art canvas we began by painting symbols that represent the four elements:  earth, air, fire and water.  Everyone’s interpretation was divinely different, yet powerful in so many ways…this became Layer 1…of many more layers to follow.

No one wanted to leave Friday night, we could have painted all night, but we knew a good night’s sleep would surely enhance day 2 of Vision Quest!

Saturday opened with a guided meditation…and then we continued to paint.  By mid afternoon images began appearing on our canvases:  turtles, mandalas, women, birds and other spirit animals…some were abstract…others were realistic.  Art More Place Melbourne

It’s not easy to be fully “in the process” when painting.  We tend to focus on the end result or outcome which often creates disappointment and frustration.  We paint over parts we hate, hoping, begging, for the “perfect image” to show up, but sometimes we need to step back and ask the painting…what are you telling me…what do I need to hear?  Listen.  Listen carefully.

Sunday afternoon came much too quickly and it was time to close.  We brought our paintings to circle one last time.  Whitney read an excerpt from “Return of the Bird Tribes” and then she guided us in a powerful and symbolic “Artual” ceremony.

It’s impossible to capture the essence of the weekend in words, but every time I look at my painting I will feel the spirit of “Vision Quest”.  Thank you, Whitney for creating BIG magical love at Art More Place!

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Art More PlaceArt More Place Melbourne » Whitney Freya’s Vision Quest

One Comment on ““Art More Place Melbourne » Whitney Freya’s Vision Quest”

  1. Mira Furth

    Vision Quest Creatively with Whitney Freya was magic. pure and simple. the space holds such a special energy with all the various art pieces all around. Each day had its own feel, its own lessons. From the very special way we introduced ourselves using our soul scribbles after all 16 people added their mark Friday evening, to being immersed in painting all day saturday – what a luxury! to experiencing my resistance to starting the next layer at the end of that day (not wanting to ‘ruin’ my ‘masterpiece’!) to the sacred ceremony of the 7 breath on Sunday morning, and continuing to witness the evolution of my painting for the rest of Sunday. Walking around an being inspired by the amazing creations of all the other women, bliss! Every time I look at my painting (which I named ‘where the wild women painters go’ – thank you Whitney…) I am back at the amazing experience of this vision quest. thank you Sherri, thank you beautiful sisters.

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